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What We Offer

We have a passion for uncovering beauty and restoring purpose to... well, anything we can get a hold of. 

Matched with a drive to use reduce waste by using sustainable materials and pushing the boundaries of reclaiming and reusing materials we strive to make timelessly jaw-dropping furniture and lighting.


New bespoke furniture and décor 

Our friendly and informative design team are always on hand to create you something unique and beautiful to treasure for years to come.

We strive to source all timber from local mills or mill it ourselves cutting the timbers mileage and supporting local businesses.

Commercial Work

We work alongside interior designers and landlords to revamp their commercial space with new bespoke furniture and lighting tailor made for their individual space.

Anything you need, we can make it. from pub furniture to shop display counters and shelving. 

Email or call now to get the ball rolling.

 Reclamation Service

One of our favourite projects is when a client brings us a random item and askes for it to be incorporated or turned into a piece of furniture or lighting.

Revamping service

We can modernise, manipulate and rescale your old furniture so it can match, fit and wow in your everchanging home. 

Email or call now to get the ball rolling.


If you have a piece of furniture in need of repair or just a bit of a spruce up send us a photo to our email and we will send you our suggestions then book it in.


For larger items we like to deliver in one nationwide trip every 5-8 weeks with the delivery charge ranging on the distance from our workshop (£40-100)

Smaller items can be delivered far quicker either by independent couriers or UPS. Smaller items will arrive within 1-3 weeks from your order (£5-30) 

Email or call now to get the ball rolling.


We are a fast expanding company whose goal is to save furniture and other materials from going to waste and instead, immortalise them in a beautiful piece of ageless furniture.

"We see the beauty in what it can be" - Jonathan Muir (Owner and Head Designer)


Looking for a quality and unique item for your business or home while benefiting the environment?

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