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Bespoke lighting from reclaimed sources

Reclaimed Material Lighting

There are many items which can be manipulated into a functional light weather it be a lamp, ceiling, wall or desk light we can make one for you. Working on decommissioned fire extinguishers is a favourite of ours but we have also used car, bicycle and variety of miscellaneous items to create bespoke lighting. 

If you have an item which you want us to work into a usable light for you please contact us for your free initial design consultation.  

Driftwood Lighting

We love to be by the shore collecting driftwood but the thing we love more than that is turning it into a treasured piece of lighting. 

The unique sun-bleached appearance of driftwood is unmistakable and creates a beautifully rustic décor to any room.

All driftwood is treated and stored separately to remove unwanted critters and reduce the risk of contaminating other timber. The driftwood is treated once more before shipment as a extra precaution.  

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